Hi there👋, welcome to The Learning Me. My name is Susan I am a 25-year-old personal development enthusiast on a journey to become the best version of myself. What does that mean? Well, I don’t know exactly, I am still trying to figure out where I belong in this amazing but also kinda strange world. What I have learned over time is that I love connecting with people. It is my passion to facilitate others in their growth so that they can become the best version of themselves. This is why I started The Learning Me, to connect with people, document my journey, and share information so we can grow together.

If you would like to get in contact, feel free to reach out to me via email at thelearningme@hotmail.com or Twitter.

Focus of The Learning Me

Focus of The Learning Me

Exploring and finding purpose

I think it is so important that we make the best of this life we are given and this also means enjoying as much of it as possible. Therefore, I am exploring how I can positively impact the world by doing something I love to do.

In what do you find purpose?

Focus of The Learning Me

Creating an iron mind

To get the best out of life we need a stable mindset that can conquer the tasks and goals at hand. By working on self-improvement, enough sleep, and meditation (trying to get better at this) we can really get our minds in the best shape possible.

Besides an iron mind, staying physically healthy is important as well. With exercise and good nutrition, we can really get our bodies into the best shape and feel great. This will make sure we have the capacity to work hard on our goals.

Focus of The Learning Me

Helping others

Working on yourself is super important. But over the years I have come to realize the importance of helping others. As one of my inspirations, Rob Dial says: “Make it your mission to make someone else’s day better.”

Focus of The Learning Me

Work towards financial freedom

The importance of good financials is clear for most people. I myself am especially fascinated by the idea of financial independence. Meaning that you accumulating enough money so that you no longer need to work. Which of course does not mean you really do quit your job.

For me, financial independence means having the freedom to do what I want, whenever I want with whom I want. I strive to accomplish this before the age of 40.


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I’m not a certified financial advisor, nor a certified financial analyst, an economist, a CPA, or an accountant of any kind. Any information I post is purely for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice.